I read a post yesterday about a Recruiter having their first placement and the exhilaration that comes with this! It made me think about my first placement when I entered the exciting and slightly scary word of Recruitment. 

My first placement was for a Customer Service role with a global healthcare business. The company I worked for had a long history with this healthcare business so I felt real pressure about doing a good job and getting it right.  I shortlisted three candidates but I had a preferred candidate; she was a woman who had immigrated to Australia with her husband for a better life and was struggling to find a permanent job. She was INCREDIBLE, she was humble, smart, personable and REALLY wanted the job. I REALLY wanted her to get the job and I will never forget ringing  her to say she was the preferred candidate, it was a joyous moment!!! This candidate for eight years used to ring me every Christmas to thank me for getting her the job. 

The post yesterday made me think about why I got into recruitment and I stepped back 20 years in time; I didn’t earn a big fee, I was nervous about getting it right and I really just wanted to help people and feel good about what I did. It was a great reminder for me and reinforced what I do as a career. 

Be true to yourself.