As another year draws to a close, I have been reflecting on the employment market in 2018 and potentially what 2019 looks like. Whilst our interest rates remain stable, we have seen a decline in the housing auction clearance rates and property value which typically has a direct impact on the employment landscape or is a precursor to a decline. However, with the growth of the Victorian population and significant infrastructure projects, our unemployment has dropped to a seven-year low of ...

Decide on the right time to return: This is different for everyone and not always a ‘perfect’ time just like there is not always the ‘perfect’ time to have a baby!   Discuss with your partner what support they can offer, assess your financial needs and also emotionally how you feel about returning to work. There isn’t a magic time or solution that applies to everyone so you have to go with your own instinct and circumstances on this; don't let others judge ...

I read a post yesterday about a Recruiter having their first placement and the exhilaration that comes with this! It made me think about my first placement when I entered the exciting and slightly scary word of Recruitment.  My first placement was for a Customer Service role with a global healthcare business. The company I worked for had a long history with this healthcare business so I felt real pressure about doing a good job and getting it right.  I shortlisted three candidates ...

By Virginia Bacon, Managing Director, Talent Connection In my line of work, sadly I see a lot of unemployed Executives and it always brings home to me how much the workforce has changed since I first entered recruitment and that redundancies are just a common occurrence in today’s business climate. For many (not all), this is a confronting and sometimes totally unexpected point in their career. One minute you are fully involved in developing the companies five year business plan and stra ...

As 2016 is drawing to a close it’s a great opportunity to take some time out during the Christmas and New Year period to unwind and recharge.

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5 Interview Don'ts


You polished your resume, wrote a killer cover letter, and landed an interview. Don’t blow it now! Here are five big interview don’ts you should steer clear of


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