TalentConnection offers a range of Holistic Recruitment, Consulting and HR services. We strive to be regarded as one of Australia's most respected and effective Executive Recruitment partners.

We are committed to developing a tailored solution to meet your Human Capital Management needs and will take into consideration your company objectives, commercial requirements and assignment specifics in establishing the most appropriate
methodology that matches the above.

TalentConnection recognises that organisations have many factors that determine whether they outsource aspects of their Recruitment/HR function and these can include time constraints, internal resourcing capability, budgetary limitations, uniqueness
of skill/role, sensitive company/structural changes and previous experience/relationships with service providers.

Our offering extends from the traditional 'end to end' Recruitment process through to unbundled services. Whatever your needs and requirements, we are confident we will be able to customise an ideal solution.
Career Coaching/MentoringCareer Coaching/Mentoring

Career Coaching/Mentoring

We will explore with you the goals and objectives for the individual/s, types of programs available and will facilitate the best fit and alignment of experience and interpersonal style with the participant and Coach/Mentor.
Executive ContractingExecutive Contracting

Executive Contracting

Whether it is for a specific project, maternity leave replacement or interim appointment, our rigorous process and quality of service will not differ when undertaking an executive contracting assignment.
Executive RecruitmentExecutive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment can include both advertised and non-advertised selection. Depending on your organisational needs, we will discuss the best candidate attraction methodology that can incorporate targeting both the passive and active job seeker.
Executive SearchExecutive Search

Executive Search

Search is a multi-faceted process requiring a very targeted and meticulous approach. Utilising tools and comprehensive research around candidate and organisational market mapping.
Market/Candidate MappingMarket/Candidate Mapping

Market/Candidate Mapping

With an increased demand in organisations seeking market intelligence, this service is a more proactive and strategic approach to workforce planning taking into consideration regular skill gap shortages, succession planning and anticipated attrition.
Unbundled ServicesUnbundled Services

Unbundled Services

There are numerous unbundled services TalentConnection can provide. These can include salary benchmarking, pipeline management, recruitment project management, psychological profiling, assistance with internal appointments and assessment frameworks.